Security alert: How POS agents in Petrol Stations, Malls etc reveal ATM cards information to fraudsters


It’s no longer news that a lot of people have fall in as a victim into the trap of fraudsters. Here are the steps to follow on knowing how to make proper use of ATM cards :

  1. POS agents snaps the front and back of your ATM card sent the pictures to the fraudsters.
  2. The POS agent get paid #5,000 for 1 ATM card and #50,000 for 10 ATM cards just for 1day.
  3. The fraudsters gets all the digits at the front and back of your ATM card and manipulate to clear your account without traces.

Please take note:

  1. Always be careful with your ATM Cards when making transactions using POS.
  2. Never allow the POS Agent to take picture of your ATM card because he may use it for fraud.
  3. Don’t give your debit card to another person to withdraw money. Always withdraw your money only by yourself.
  4. When you misplace your ATM card, please get a police report and inform your bank immediately.

Fraudsters no get mercy, don’t slack. Where your treasure is, there your heart is also.


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