COVID-19 Effects: Women’s League boss ‘angry’ as promising footballer gets pregnant

Chairperson of Ghana’s Women's Premier League Committee has lamented the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, disclosing that a female footballer has gotten pregnant.


Hillary Boateng said a footballer with a promising future got pregnant during the partial lockdown period in the country.

All sporting activities in the country are currently grounded due to government’s ban on social gatherings.

To this end, the Ghana Premier League, FA Cup and Women’s Premier League have all been suspended.

Speaking to Accra-based Adom FM, Ms Hillary said she felt sad after being informed that one of her players has been impregnated.

“I felt so sad when I was told one of my girls has been impregnated during the lockdown period, a player very good and promising, and it’s so worrying,” she said.

“I will plead with my female footballers not to allow themselves to be used and dumped.”

The health crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic has led to calls for the various leagues to be cancelled.

However, the Women’s League Chairperson believes it would be disappointing if that is to happen.

“The women’s league had a very good first round, it was very exciting, looking at the Southern and Northern sectors. It is even difficult to find clubs who will be relegated and who will not. It will be a huge disappointment,” Ms Hillary said.

“Therefore if we are asked to hold on on the hype and momentum built until next season, it will mean resuming all [efforts] over again.

“Clubs who have worked hard and are first on their league tables have to start all over again. There will be a lot of disappointing effects on everybody,” she added.


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