Don’t Eat It’ Challenge featuring kids of Davido, Tiwa Savage, Kylie and more (WATCH)


The challenge known as ‘Don’t Eat It’ or ‘Fruits Snacks’ challenge, is a tempting trap for children, whose parents put a bowl or plate of sweets, cookies, snacks or fruits in front of them and tell them not to eat it until they get back. 

However, whilst they are away, a recording camera is secretly placed on the children to capture how they react to the temptation and that is where the drama begins. Footages from the challenge, have been showing hilarious, touching and mind-blowing reactions form the tempted kids.

The challenge has gone viral with popular celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Tiwa Savage, Nana Akua also trying it on their kids. As such, watch the videos below seen from some of these celebrities and other viral ones we have seen on social media.

Which of the kids cracked you up or impressed you with the challenge?


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