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Neymar’s mother, 52, and her 23-year-old lover quizzed by police after he suffered a serious arm injury during ‘domestic accident’ at their Brazil home

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Neymar’s mother and her younger lover were questioned by Brazilian police over a domestic accident’ that happened recently. 

It was reported that Nadine Goncalves, 52, called an ambulance after her boyfriend Tiago Ramos suffered an injury during a row in the couple’s apartment in Santos last week Tuesday. 

Ramos reportedly had 12 stitches in his arm the next day with Brazilian reports stating the wound was caused by a glass. 

According to Rio de Janiero news outlet Extra, a neighbour claimed that Ms. Goncalves and Mr. Ramos were arguing in their apartment on the night in question. 

Unconfirmed reports say that the model punched a window during the row and that led to his injuries.  

A spokesperson for mother-of-two Ms Goncalves said: ‘There was a domestic accident with Tiago.

‘Nadine thought it best to call for an ambulance as a precaution but they are fine. Everything is fine.’

A spokesperson for footballer Neymar also said: ‘They clarified there was no assault, just a domestic accident that left Tiago’s arm badly injured. 

‘He’s still recovering. The two of them are doing well and continuing with their social distancing routines.’

Before now, there were reports that the pair had broken up after Neymar’s mom found out that the model has been in homosexual relationships.

After the brief split in April, the Brazilian press stated the pair began dating again on May 21.

In another news, Mr. Ramos is facing allegations of assault from a previous woman he has dated. 44-year-old Rita Cumplido told a Brazilian TV station that the model attacked her whilst under the influence of alcohol. 



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