BBNaija Pepper Dem Reunion Show Day 4: Housemates accuse Ella of fraudulent behaviour

In case you missed day four of Big Brother Naija's #PepperDem reunion show, here is a recap.


Disloyalty and betrayal were the benchmark for the latest episode of the Pepper Dem reunion show.

The show featured housemates who Ebuka revealed had been involved in one pretentious or disloyal move while in the house. Interestingly, Ike, Mercy, Venita, Ella, Jackye, and Kim Oprah all had issues to get off their chests. Here are the highlights:

The Mercy, Ike and Ella love-triangle

For Mercy, Ella‘s attempt to remain friends with her while making a move at Ike rubbed her off the wrong way. In her defense, Ella revealed that while she had a thing for Ike, she took several seats upon realizing the lovebirds had it serious.

Ike on the other hand, admitted to being the play boy through the show. Citing Ella’s erratic behavior as a deterrent, the former housemate revealed he connected with Ella from outside the house but soon realized her tendency to become too emotional. So, he manipulated that flaw to stay ahead of the game.

Jackye’s Beef with Khafi

The show was the perfect time for Jackye to drag Khafi by the wig, ears and invisible tail for earning the top spot for disloyalty and pretentiousness. The disgruntled reality star accused Khafi of being the queen of side talks citing the one time Khafi brought up a conversation about Mercy’s body job. At this point, Kim interjected to accuse Jackye of enabling Khafi’s tendency to speak unpleasantly about fellow housemates.

Venita et al question Ella’s mental health

No one saw Venita’s take on Ella coming. The reality star and actress accused Ella of showing bipolar behaviour and defrauding fellow housemates. Things got heated up right after Venita implied Ella lied about her mother’s health after collecting contributions from the public and fellow housemates

Fellow housemates, Kim, Sir Dee, Diane took turns to share how Ella’s silence upon receiving the funds forced raised eyebrows especially as Venita revealed that the very next day, Ella posted glammed up pictures and a video of a live band performance.

While denying the allegations, an emotional Ella explained that her silence was due to the negative reaction by her family following her request for financial aid. Amid the snide remarks, Ella walked out in tears.

To end the episode, show headliner, Ebuka shared some very timely words about pretense. He shared, “It’s easier being real than pretending to be real, Ebuka says as he brings the show to a close”.


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