OlamondNaija’s Exclusive Interview With Winner, Mr Universe Nigeria 2019, Emmanuel Arogboritse

I really didn’t have role models in the entertainment industry but I admire Barrack Obama for how he moved from being a small town boy to first black president in the US.


Gorgeous, courageous, smart and intensively skillful are the few description Official Olamondnaija can utilize in describing the reigning king of all Nigeria’s gladiators, Emmanuel Arogboritse, Mr Universe Nigeria 2019, winner. The  Pageantry King  who hails From Warri, Delta State had an exclusive online chat with Official Olamond Naija, enjoy!

Can we meet you?

I am Emmanuel Arogboritse, I am 27 years old and the current Mr universe Nigeria. I was born and grew up in Warri Delta state, am a real estate agent, an electrical technician. I’m also into farming and mini importation.

I enjoy learning new things, travelling, reading, cooking, spending time with friends and family, meetings new people and having productive conversations.

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Why Mr Universe Nigeria?

I have been following the brand For a while now and I like how it has evolved over the years and every year tends to be bigger and better than the last. I like the way it empowers youths and train them to be better people so why not?

What motivated you into pageantry?

My sisters, cousins and Close friends have always thought I’d do well as a model; my older sister and cousin were basically the people that pushed me into pageantry and Mr universe Nigeria was my preferred platform so I decided to try.

Tell us about the obstacles you faced during the contest and how you overcame them?

The entrepreneurial task was the first obstacle, really it was more like a marketing training and I overcame it by being a good marketer lol.

Secondly, I’m more of a night owl than a morning person so waking up at 5am in camp and going straight for the rigorous morning workouts  was very daunting for me and also all the numerous tasks in camp, but I was very determined to go through and I was going to do all it took to increase my chances of winning the competition.

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What made you stand out amongst other contestants?

Honestly I had very strong co contenders who had good chances of winning the pageant, at some point I gave up hope that I could win but I pushed myself and tried to give more than my 100% in all the tasks given and I think the judges saw something. My determination and willpower to succeed went a long way to also help me win. 

You can be honest about it, did you expect that win?

I wanted to win, but when I got to camp and saw the guys I was going up against, at some point I thought to myself “Emmanuel there is no way you can win this”  notwithstanding I did all I could and gave in my best and I’m glad I won.

What do you love about your sash most especially the stardom and you representing Nigeria in other bigger contest?

It’s both exciting and demanding at the same time, But I like how people actually wants to listen to me talk. I’m looking forward with much enthusiasm for bigger things to come.

How was your experience during Mr Universe pageant?

It was a very eye opening experience for me it has introduced me to an extroverted side of me I didn’t know existed, I have also made a lot of friends that I think might last for a lifetime. 

How was the bonding with other guys?

It was fun, we had a lot of fun together as a matter fact we still do. Most of the guys were very warm and friendly fellows, even till now they are very supportive and I can call them my friends. 

How did you feel when you were called the winner?

When it got down to the top two I had already gotten what I wanted. But when I was announced winner, It was both exhilarating and astonishing as I wanted to win but didn’t think I would. 

And when the winning sash touched your neck during the grand Finale,  how did you feel?

There was a sign of relief, like I’ve achieved something I wanted. 

What does the sash  symbolizes to you?

It’s a sign of greater heights to climb and greater achievements to come.  

Who’s your role model?

I really didn’t have role models in the entertainment industry but I admire Barrack Obama for how he moved from being a small town boy to first black president in the US, Robert Kiyosaki for his knowledge in business and financial literacy, Julious Malema and Nelson Mandela for the fight for Africanism. And lately Boris Kodjoe and Tyson Beckford.

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Has being a Pageant King ever clashed with your personality?


Do you have a side hustle or a profession you saddled upon, gist us !


I am a real estate agent. I import human hair extensions, I have people that sell those for me and I also sell online @arogs_hair on Instagram. I own a plantain farm where I started with 1000 suckers and now I have about 1200 plantain trees.

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Where would we be seeing you in the next 2 years?

Achieving more,scaling new grounds and reaching higher heights in business, family and entertainment.

Any message to all the aspiring boys who dream of being Mr Universe Nigeria?

Work on being the best version of yourself, follow your dreams and reach for the stars and the sky can be your starting point. 



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