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Today a new legend has be revealed!

Oluwabunmi @olamondtv_nigeria
Oluwabunmi @olamondtv_nigeria

Yes, of course!!! Whenever we need to talk about diligent and vibrant heroes of our time in this 21st century, definitely an enthusiastic life coach must be included.
Just as the common sayings; “It is not only until you give out cash to the needy before you would be regarded as an helper”. You can become an helper through healing words, motivational words to the weak ones. Your talents, skills even career can always serves as a souce of progressive existence to your neighborhood.

Today a new legend has be revealed!
Who is Oluwabunmi Bamitale?
Oluwabunmi is an exceptional scholar, multi award winning educational consultant, Alumni member of National Broadcast Academy.

Oluwabunmi could also be identified as a Diction Coach, an Education Consultant, a succeeding Entrepreneur , associate Partner, Fluency Experts and C.E.O Booming Events.

Oluwabummi @Olamondtv_nigeria
Oluwabunmi @olamondtv_nigeria

Oluwabunmi is a role model to many. She’s an humanitarian with unique leadership skills. A mother that derives joy in giving genuine reasons to the up and coming youngsters reasons why they must be a good ambassador. We At Olamond Naija’s Blog Celebrate Mrs Oluwabunmi Bamitale. You’re the hero of our time. Keep shining!!

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