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Sports betting is one of the biggest and fastest growing industries all over the world.


In the last few years, Africa has become the focus of attention for sports betting companies and we have seen all across the continent international and local based betting companies launching their operations.

As a result of this growth, we are seeing so many people that are getting to interact with the sports betting for literally the first time. A lot of them come in thinking there is some quick money to be made or they’ll become overnight millionaires just because they love football and can therefore bet and win games with ease. Nothing can be further from the truth! Betting is not a quiz but about smart analysis.

That is one of the many mistakes many people make. We will look at the top 3 common mistakes. We hope that this guide will help you understand the basic mistakes to avoid in order to have a productive and profitable sports betting experience. If need be, make a note of these somewhere.

1. Having Unrealistic Expectations


If you are one of those guys that come into sports betting thinking that within a couple of weeks you will be swimming in money and going on vacations to the coastal cities every other weekend, then you could be in for a rude shock.

Sports betting is a methodical business. There are people that make a living out of it. But even they will tell you they do it smartly and with a plan. They do not win all their bets, but do win more than they lose which is what keeps them going.

So be prepared to do the hard work. Do some research on the teams, manage your stakes well. Take a break sometimes if things are not going too well for you. And always be responsible. Stake only what you can afford to lose.

2. Chasing Your Losses

This is one of the most common mistakes. DO NOT CHASE YOUR LOSSES.

Don’t come into sports betting thinking you are going to win ALL of your bets. Even the best punters in the world lose sometimes. But when they do, they know jumping onto the next bet to “recover” the loss is not the way to do it. There will be ups and downs along the day. What matters is at the end of the day, you will hopefully make a steady profit from your stake(s).

So don’t lose your head when you lose a bet. Be smart and maintain your betting strategy while looking at the bigger picture (profit)

3. Using Wrong Sports Betting Stats

Digging up historical data and stats between the teams you wish to bet on is a smart move. Numbers are a good indicator of trends and patterns and this can be helpful in giving predictions. However it is important to ensure that you are looking at the right and relevant stats that can help you in placing a smart bet.

Team X winning a game every time player Y scores the first goal may be a pretty stat to look at but it is not in any way helpful as it has too many variables. You have no clue if and when player Y will score the next goal, and not just score, but score it as the first goal for the game. How many games a certain team has won while leading at Halftime however, is a more meaningful and tangible stat.

Also, make sure the stat you are looking at is accurate. There are lots of sites on the internet with purported stats that may be inaccurate. Always double check the stats by cross checking with other sites that are pretty established.

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We won’t harp on end about this. We just wanted to make sure you can avoid falling into the same trap that a lot of newcomers and frankly even those that have been doing it for a while still do. Remember, when it comes to sports betting, think of great marathoners like Kenya’s Eliud Kipchoge and not sprinters like Jamaica’s Usain Bolt. It is a marathon, not a sprint!

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