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Facts & Figures About Nollywood Actor Lanre Afod


Lanre Afod is a multi talented outstanding and well seasoned artist.

Born and Bred in Lagos, Nigeria. He has performed on many stage plays in Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, Cote’d’ivoire(Goethe Institute & BTC) and the United Kingdom(British council). 

Also Featured in many movies and TV series including Ope, Irinshe Owo, Granted, Hurting Birds, Ekaa, Ileke, Preserved Generation, and many more. 

Lanre Afod Olamondtv_nigeria

Lanre Afod has got one of the most fine and powerful voice behind over 100 movies(soundtracks). His ability to switch between music and deep voice over makes him unique and extra special.

More to explore when you get a chance to meet or work with this multi dimensional/ multi-facetted genius.



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