Personal Hygiene: 3 causes of vaginal odour

There are lots of common things ladies overlook that cause vagina odour.


Though it’s important to keep the area well maintained and catered to, it doesn’t necessarily mean high maintenance.

Ladies should know the vagina is not anywhere near high maintenance, all it needs is water to clean and it goes back to its natural state!

Healthy vagina naturally has an acidic pH level as well as healthy bacteria to help keep infections at bay so it’s safe to say the vagina is self cleansing.

These three things are common reasons the vaginal has funny smell:

1. Exercising

It’s great to clean up properly after exercising or engaging in any strenuous activity. The vagina gets moist or wet when exercising and if not washed can cause unpleasant odour from the area.

2. Excess Pubic hair

When the hair around the pubic area is not tamed/trimmed regularly it can cause vaginal odour because sweat, moisturiser and more things get trapped in the area when not kept clean. Shaving often and keep the area clean as much as possible.

3. Tight Pants or Clothes

Clothes that are too tight around the vagina won’t allow the area ‘breathe’ causing odour from the area.


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