Olamond box office: Top 5 highest grossing movies

Olamond lists the top five highest-grossing movies from October 2- October 4, 2020.


Nigeria’s film industry appears to be returning to status quo following the September 9, 2020, reopening of cinemas nationwide.

Recall the Covid-19 outbreak in Nigeria forced the compulsory closure of cinemas in April 2020. Weeks after the reopening of cinemas, box office numbers have begun to show significant improvement.

On the top five domestic highest-grossing box office movies for the month are Nollywood’s ‘Fate of Alakada’ and ‘Unroyal’, both released last weekend.

Here is a list of five highest-grossing movies according to the Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria (CEAN).about:blank

1. ‘Fate of Alakada: The Party Planner’ (Nollywood)

'Fate of Alakada' directed by Kayode Kasum [Instagram/@fateofalakada]‘Fate of Alakada’ directed by Kayode Kasum [Instagram/@fateofalakada]

Release date: October 1, 2020

Box office gross: N17, 396,200

2. ‘Mulan’ (Hollywood)

Disney's live action remake 'Mulan'  Disney’s live action remake ‘Mulan’Walt Disney Studios

Release date: September 14 (Nigeria)

Box office gross: N2, 377,300

3. ‘Tenet’ (Hollywood)

undefinedundefinedWarner Bros

Release date: September 14 (Nigeria)

Box office gross: N2, 216,600

4. ‘The New Mutants’ (Hollywood)

Maisie Williams in X-men spinoff ' The New Mutants' Maisie Williams in X-men spinoff ‘ The New Mutants’FOX

Release date: September 20 (Nigeria)

Box office gross: N2,075,800

5. ‘Unroyal’ (Nollywood)

Unroyal movie [Instagram]Unroyal movie [Instagram]

Release date: October 2

Box office gross: N1,472, 600 CEAN top grossing movies [CEAN}CEAN top grossing movies [CEAN}


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