The truth is that we all procrastinate to some degree. When it becomes one's natural response to dealing with important things in life, that is when procrastination becomes more than a minor problem, impacting on the individual's life, career and efforts


Procrastination is caused by fear, that is, being afraid of failure; that doing what is being put off might result in some kind of failure or that the efforts put in won’t be good enough. Successful people are self-confident and optimistic in nature. 

They surround themselves with positive minded people and cognitive thinking partners. Whenever you find yourself procrastinating over any task, identify the fear behind it.

Once you identify the fear, you will also find the distinctive courage to overcome it and get on with the job at hand. Procrastination and fear are the enemies of self-confidence and success.

Face them head-on and you will not only build your confidence, but also will surely succeed in life and career.