Health Talk: Managing People During and Post Covid-19 Era By Mrs Motunrayo Williams Johnson


It’s no longer news that covid-19 is here with us, the time for self denial has passed, covid-19 has come to stay. But soon, we shall know how to cope with it.

If you think people would behave as you planned, wished or assumed you will always meet disappointments in them especially during this pandemic because majority did not prepare for it.

Even as at the time it broke out in wuham, China, Africans were still living in the euphoria that the virus cannot not survive in Africa, but here we are now with the reality. Now, many people can no longer act right as their perceptions, cognitions and assumptions have been altered. Mind you, it is a phase that will not last.

Do not expect much from people and be ready to bear with their shortcomings in order for you to achieve your set objectives because having issues with people could affect your personal goals during and post covid-19.

Expectation is the mother of manifestation. So, expect nothing from people.

Since we are all in it together, don’t assume that some people are exempted. Therefore, set limits to what you expect from people in this era of covid-19.

Do not expect people to change overnight. In fact, there are some people that will not change regardless of the changes in their demography.


(1) Don’t be annoyed if your requests are turned down

(2) Manage the resources available

(3) Plan with what you have and avoid over expectation

(4) Don’t conclude on anybody as somebody who is bad today can be good tomorrow, remember, we are all in it together. It’s a global phenomenon

(5) Love people regardless of their negative act

(6) Check on your family and friends to make impact no matter how small you think it is, it will change a situation

Mind you, every decision you take has a repercussion. So, be careful in taking decisions during and after covid-19.

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