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These are ten ways to have fun in Lagos with just N5,000.

Do you want to have fun on a weekend, but you are scared of spending too much money? Don’t think too hard, you can have a good time with a budget of N5,000.

Ok Nike’s art gallery {art lover’s guide}

Admission into Nike Art Gallery is completely free, all you must do is walk into the gallery and enjoy the beautiful artwork.

Lekki Conservation Centre {viator}

If you want to walk the canopy at Lekki Conservation Centre, you would be required to pay only N1,000. Pretty cheap for an exciting time if you ask me.

There are many beaches on Lagos Island, depending on your mood, you can go to Oniru beach, Atican beach, Elegushi Beach and many others.

The gate fees of the places I mentioned are N1000 respectively. While at the beach you can buy all you need for a picnic within the price range of N4000

How can you say no to a good movie.? If the movie is a blockbuster, you can pay 2,500 to see it without buying popcorn. If you are buying popcorn and a drink, that would be N4,000.

Chinonso and her friends kayakingChinonso and her friends kayaking

Go Kayaking on the Lagos Island. In Lagos, kayaking is done per hour. It is within N2500 for one hour and 4,000 for four hours.

Free entry, music, and alcohol. All these and more are why you should try African shrine for a relaxing night out.

I suggest Dreamworld Africana, it is one of the best amusement parks in the country, and their gate fee is about N3,500. Then there is Freedom Park on Broad Street, Old Prison ground admittance was free the last time I checked but you might be required to pay a little token not less than N2,000

It doesn’t matter if you live on the island or the mainland, there is always a place that sells the best grilled chicken, fish or shawarma in your vicinity. It is usually a bar or a lounge. This would cost less than 5,000

The tickets for the National Museum Lagos at Ikoyi is just N200. Museums are a great way to learn about history,

Entry into the Lekki Leisure Lake is N1,000 and, ziplining costs N2,000.

With these activities, you can have a good time without spending money.


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