EXCLUSIVE OLAMONDNAIJA ON CAREER TALK WITH KAMI J :TIME MANAGEMENT’ by founder/President of Kami Empowerment Foundation Williams-Johnson Motunrayo Mariam


Fortunately, While preparing for this career talk I came across the definition of time by Abdul Kalmam via WhatsApp post and i thought of sharing it with my audience. The below is the nice definition of time;
Time is slow when you wait!
Time is fast when you are late!
Time is deadly when you are sad!
Time is short when you are happy!
Time is endless when you are in pain!
Time is long when you feel bored!
Every time, time is determined by your feelings and your psychological conditions and not by clocks.
So have a nice time Always

From my own point of view, time is what you cannot see, it is not tangible but important to determine what you become out of life. Generally speaking, they said time is money and money is time.
Time varies from one country to the other but we all have 24 hours in a day regardless of where you are across the globe.
Time management can also be defined as the process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities.
Time management activities include putting all your appointments on your calendar, working effectively on your to-do list for the purpose of achieving your set goal
*Tips about Time*
(1)Time wait for no one regardless of your status, race or background
(2)Time is life. What you do with it determine what life pose at you
(3)Use your time wisely, time wait for no one.
(4)Invest in the currency of today, so that you can make good withdrawals in the future
(5)Be happy at all times, no matter the situation you are in….
(4)Influence lives of people positively with your time
(7)Give God your time
*Have a yearly plan
*Have a to-do-list for each day
*Avoid procrastination
*Adequate and realistic
Plan. It’s good to plan ahead of time. You don’t plan in the situation rather plan before it happens.
Thank you for reading
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