Are Nigeria socio-political and economic challenges insurmountable?


This is an essential question that all Nigerians needs to brainstorm.This is not the time for Nigeria’s political analysts,economic analysts and religious leaders to fold their hands neither only identify the challenges facing Nigeria and fail to proffer productive solutions to the nation’s catastrophe. Axccording to the political American leader’s political logistics ~ Nigeria will be divided immediately after the 2015 presidential election.Does that political analysis come to reality? Will Severe doom and destruction befall Nigeria before the end of President Muhammadu Buhari’s regime? The truthful answer is ‘No’. Sincerely speaking, what makes a succeeding nation to become an outstanding nation is the optimistic potential of excellence. No challenge under the supervision of God is insurmountable. There is a prosperous limelight for Nigerians only if all masses and leaders in all sphere of governance believe and walk in rightful proportions that leads to distinctive success. The truth is, our attitude towards life challenges determines life attitude towards us. The way Nigerians visualizes and approaches the economic and socio- political challenges determines the quickness we overcome our challenges. The economic and political crisis Nigeria faces today is like historical rhyme of testimonies to other succeeding nations like canada and America. Due to their productive experiences they came across during their economic and political crisis, they acted uprightly and achieved massive success. It is very obvious to ‘goldsmiths’ that before ‘gold’ becomes a glamorous source of income to them, they passed through severe hardship and heat reactions. That is exactly the kind of challenges some successful nations of today passed through before their offsprings positively benefitted from the great exploits. America faced serious economic challenges, racism and political catastrophe before the Americans finally become productive role models to neighbouring countries. Substantially, challenges are like promotional ladders, if we fail to climb the ladder with effective consciousness, courageous zeal and optimistic mindset to acquire greatness, we might remain stagnant or become doomed by fear of failure. There are series of questions to greatness that Nigerians needs to answer judiciously. Firstly, are Nigerians truly contented with the high level of poverty and ignorance of fundamental human rights that sabotage the national cake? Are Nigerians really ready to become more postive heart minded and also ready to endure limited severe hardship to obtain a glorious nation we all aspire to have? Are our political, religious leaders and economic experts ready to go against unjustifiable actions that jeopardizes the growth and development of the nation? Are Nigeria’s youths ready to receive and judiciously utilize prosperous leadership mandate and legacy that the past heroes and heroines gained for the betterment of the nation? Candid speaking, the moment Nigerians positively posses the optimistic Zeals to solve theses questions, we will all begin to live a succeeding life that all Nigerians hope and pray to enjoy. Nigeria’s socio-economic and political problems will not only become a glorious testimony but will also become a distinctive role model to other countries. All Nigerians should join hands to support the political, economic and religious leaders for the betterment and enhancement of peace and harmony within the country. God bless Nigeria!!!

Written By: Prince Aduroja Olamiju David           Email: adurojaolamond@


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