How well do you know Nigeria’s prominent gospel singers, their legacy, secrecy, achievement and their challenges. Today, official Olamond Naija Would be unveiling some sensitive facts and figures about the king of Yoruba gospel musicians. Olusegun Daramola Ajidara


How  well do you know Nigeria’s prominent gospel singers, their legacy, secrecy, achievement and their challenges. Today, official Olamond Naija Would be unveiling some sensitive facts and figures about the king of Yoruba gospel musicians. That’s Ajidara . Who Is  Ajidara ? What Impact Has His Style Of Music Brought To  Nigerian Gospel Music At This Century?

Popular Baba Ara’s sing-alike,  Prophet King  Olusegun Daramola  A.K.A Ajidara was trained by CAC pastor father and devout CAC mother. He started his singing career as a chorister at CAC and became an ordained pastor at CAC. But along the line, he switched over to CCC reasons best known to the inspirational singer.


Olusegun Elijah Daramola  popularly known as Ajidara have been a chorister in CAC church at a tender age .  Substantially, He  joined the choir at 

his tender age in 1985. 

 To the glory of God, he  attended his first singing competition in 1987 at CAC Oke Anu Sabo Oniba .  In 1997, he attended another singing competition where he won the best vocalist at the Light of The World, CAC church.

Therefore, in 1999 he also went for another music competition at C&S Church tagged ‘Aiku back then at Ikotun Egbe, Lagos Nigeria.

In 1991, Ajidara’s parents later relocated to Ijegun and atttend CACOke -Anu, ore – ofe b/stop Ijegun road.

Olusegun Daramola Ajidara

 Before he started up his gospel musical life band group, he had encountered countless challenges that almost made him to loose hope in music career. Substantially, his late parent gave him outmost support that made Ajidara developed more passion towards musical instruments such as keyboard & set drum. Afterwards, he later gathered his own musical team. 

At the initial stage, his  style of singing was different, because in CAC, they  are not used to Alujo music, that is fast-dancing beats and the impression he had then was that if you go near Celestial Church, you would disappear; they would either use you or your destiny.  Ajidara’s  first musical group was in 1996, it was disbanded and in 1998, he  put together Ododo Jesu. While coming up there were few philanthropists that gracefully supported Ajidara’s music career which are  Sir Kunle Amos, who was the man who had strong believe in Ajidara’s career and also linked him up with someone who assisted Ajidara in getting connected to Late Prince Muyideen Alade Aromire.  Taiwo Ajayi, former director at Unity performing troup UTP, where Ajidara worked with them for couple of years. Another outstanding hero is Prince James Odubano who was Ajidara’s band patron, then Deaconess Ajayi who happened to be the first person to dash out the sum of twenty-five thousands Naira to Ajidara In  year 2002.  Same Deaconess Ajayi was his  church choir  matron during that period. Although, Ajidara pleaded to her to become his band matron also but she refused in order not to get engage into much work so, she dashed out Ajidara #25,000.  As at that time, it was the highest money he  had ever made as an artiste that year. He took the money to his biological father thinking to be utilized for the upkeep of the family. But surprisingly , his father blessed the money and advised Ajidara to invest it on his music  career. His  father gave the money to a music producer to produce  his first music which was done on the 31st December 2001.    Apparently, Ayo Kilani happened to be the man who assisted Ajidara with studio music recording, 3 phase music studio at Iju.

According to Ajidara, that was the last thing his father did for him  before he died. He died on a day to his music session that year. 

Thereafter, he  continued with his  life and continued his  singing career.


Olusegun Daramola Ajidara came into the pattern of baba Ara  in 2004 stylishly. According him, what propelled  the Baba Ara’s style was when he  saw late Roland Olubokola Olomola, a.k.a Baba Ara in hid dream singing, he gave Ajidara  his microphone to start singing the way he was doing it. Then, Ajidara never knew he had died. He  later heard the news that he was dead, he shed tears!  Because after he saw him in his dreams, Ajidara had the plan to see him and learn some things from him. He have met him once when he performed at El-Bethel C & S Church in September, 2002.  When he  wanted to move closer to him, late Baba Ara’s  manager restricted him from seeing Baba Ara but Baba Ara told him to allow Ajidara to see him.  When they met,  he told him his Daddy is late and he wanted him to come and perform at his one year remembrance.  He attended to him well. Having given him his microphone in the dream, he gave him the courage.  Later, he wanted to drop Baba Ara’s style because the band he  used to have then was calling him all sorts of names like Alayojuran, Ajidaran instead of Ajidara. Then, he  just had hope in God that it would work-out for him. 

Between year 2004 -2005  Ajidara was privileged to have late Prince Muyideen Alade Aromire as his promoter. During that period, Musical album, ‘Ajinde & Iye ‘ was released afterwards, In Year 2006, Labe Orun was released which really made great waves both in terrestrial tv stations and airplay on radio stations.

Few years later Alade Aromire died. Who happens to be Ajidara’s music promoter had an accident that took his life.

Afterwards, he went on a music tour along side with Segun Nabi and other star gospel artists.

After he returned from South Africa in 2012, he released annAlbum titled ‘His Grace’ this was the little compilation of his singles he had in the music studio. Later, ‘Divine Grace was released which was the continuation of ‘His Grace.

Apparently, Ajidrara faced a lot of challenges that wanted to push him out of his career but to the glory of God today, God has stood by him and he is  not regretting his calling.


Olusegun Daramola Ajidara is happily married  with beautiful  children and also blessed with spiritual children in Christ.


The style of music was originated by late king of gospel music, Rowland Olubukola Olomola A.K.A  Baba Ara who died couple of years back.

Baba Ara style of music is a unique yoruba inspirational gospel music whose pronouncement and pattern requires concrete biblical theories while singing in order to liberate and win more souls into the kingdom of God.  Aside King Ajidara that sings that kind of music, there are other gifted and multi talented artistes that also follow the trends such as Tunde Olomola, Kola Arole Baba Ara, Femi Ara e.t.c.

Olusegun Daramola Ajidara @olamondnaijablog


Ajidara  loves any material that looks simple on him. He is the super model that helps in promoting your brands with the shape of his body. 

 To those that don’t know,  Ajidara is a great chef and also a simple and creative singer  with an outstanding spirit of excellence. He enjoys watching movies, listening to good music .

The entertainment world and lovers of Ajidara’s music awaits more great tracks from the inspirational gospel singer and we at Olamondnaija blog is always ready to feed the fans with exceptional stories about  Olusegun Daramola Ajidara.


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