A successful nation without a well intellectually, morally, socially and psychologically oriented children as future leaders, is nothing but a ruling King without a crown prince or a successor.


This is a heart breaking question that all Nigeria’s parents, guardians and teachers need to brain storm upon decently and thoroughly. A successful nation without a well intellectually, morally, socially and psychologically oriented children as future leaders, is nothing but a ruling King without  a crown prince or a successor.

   Historically, since two decades ago, history has significantly indicated the low level of Nigeria’s children academic performances in comparison with other countries future leaders academic performances. The most disastrous aspect of it was the previous West Africa Examination Academic result (W.A.E.C) between year 2014/2018 where almost all the students that sat for the examination had poor academic results.


    Yes, of course!!! “Distinctive academic lifestyle leads to succeeding and prominent academic limelight”. Nigeria’s children has got to the point where they must begin to cultivate good reading skills in order to meet up with the academic tasks and competitions ahead of them. Candid speaking, I Aduroja Olamiju  David strongly believe that  all great readers can become great leaders only if they can successfully practice the positive ideas, techniques and distinctive skills they acquired while reading. Just as the common saying of the wise men “Charity Begins At Home”. Parents and guardians  at home are the care takers and managers of the children bestowed to them by God.

Therefore, parents and guardians need to encourage their children to start reading at early stage in other to catch them young academically and imbibe the habit of reading. The parents and guardians should provide mini library or a book shelf within the home for the children. Parents and guardians should educate their children concerning the concrete positive purpose of reading just the way  they have great positive reasons for doing their assignments brought from school at the right time.

    Substantially, the parents and guardians must make children understand and believe in the academic quote of the late African legend “Nelson Mandela- ” Education is the most powerful weapon which can be utilized to change the world positively”. Therefore, positive changes in this world can’t be easily done without becoming a learned individual. That is, acquisition of wisdom,knowledge and distinctive skills through effective reading is paramount. Sincerely speaking, if parents and guardians keep encouraging their children to be more devoted with their studies, the children will be progressive and excellent ambassadors of their families, schools and nation.

The children should always make proper preparation by reading effectively before they commence their tests and examinations because proper preparation prevent poor performance in every area of life. Children shouldn’t wait for teacher’s instructions before reading books for examination.

Examination period is meant for revising their books and assessing their intellectual quotient (IQ). The period the children uses to play games on phones and laptops downloading unjustifiable things should be judiciously utilize to study at adequate proportion.

  Additionally, the teachers in schools should upgrade their teaching skills in more advanced platform that will develop the children effectively. Group reading should be encouraged among the children in the class. While doing this,the teachers should have close monitor on the children.
   Conclusively, teachers should also create competition like spellings drills,quiz and debate that will enhance the readiness of reading among the students on daily bases. While doing this, Nigeria’s children will not only become distinctive bookworms but also become excellent and succeeding ambassadors of our beloved country (Nigeria)


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