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5 reasons why you should eat cucumber at night

Cucumber has a way of making the simplest things better. The superfood has some skincare benefits including vitamin C and caffeic acid, which both fights to reduce inflamed or irritated skin, and hydration thanks to its high water content.

Face Of Olamond Naija 2021: National Auditioning Comes Up 23rd October 2021

Embrace Your Power! Motivate Younger Generations

5 ways to tell if you are addicted to your partner

The idea of finding love shouldn’t be more important than the love itself. Although love can be a beautiful thing, it’s not...

Linda Ikeji – Biography And Business Life Of Linda Ikeji, a Celebrity Blogger &...

Her blog which is also known for hot gossips has caused lots of controversial arguments with celebrities, politicians and top delegates. Linda Ikeji’s blog was shut down by google on the 8th of October, 2014 for undisclosed reasons. However, the blog was restored on the 10th of October 2014.

7 Major easy ways to treat premature ejaculation naturally

Ejaculating before you or your partner wanted you to, is the most common problem with men at some point in their lives.

LOVE MATTERS ON OLAMONDNAIJA: Why do we never forget our first love?

The idea that people never forget their first love is a universal one, and almost everyone retains some sentimental value for...

Why do we need contraceptives? Here’s why – OLAMOND NAIJA’S DESK

Contraception use can prevent this burden on teenage reproductive systems, which they are not ready for; and ultimately reduce complications and mortality.

The best 5 kinds of food to break your fast with

While you might want to eat the most delicious foods to break your fast, there are healthier ways of doing it.

Lifestyle Relationships Weddings: Is it possible to just be friends with someone you have...

You should aim to date your friend, the popular relationship advice goes. Afterall, it is friendship which powers the relationship or...

Consumption of ‘Ewedu’ can prevent cancer, coronary diseases — Nutritionist

The jute leaf is one of the common African leafy vegetables cultivated in gardens and farms for home use.

Exclusive OlamondNaija: 10 slangs only a Nigerian can understand

Every country has unique traditions as well as slangs, which are spoken throughout the country. In Nigeria, there...


Obatala (King of White Cloth) is one of the eldest Òrìṣà created by Olodumare and held responsible for the creation of the earth and of human bodies. His devotees aim to reflect the purity of Obatala’s white clothing, striving for moral impeccability in their actions.


Sofiat Adenike has the zeal to become a genuine ambassador and role model to every girl - child in promoting African cultural heritage and encouraging young women to be self employed and self reliant regardless of situations they find themselves.

Meet the Kambari people: One of the few naked tribes of Nigeria

A reclusive people, the Kambari people pride themselves as being as independent from the government as possible.

Cheating partners deserve payback; but to what extent?

It’s pointless at this stage to fixate on how common cheating is, or the absurd amount of effort and secrecy it...