Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Health Talk: Managing People During and Post Covid-19 Era By Mrs Motunrayo Williams Johnson

It's no longer news that covid-19 is here with us, the time for self denial has passed, covid-19 has come to stay....


Today a new legend has be revealed!

FASHION & LIFESTYLE: Yoruba is allegedly an official language in Brazil

Brazil has accumulated quite a number of Yoruba speakers and Orisha worshippers.

Meet the Kambari people: One of the few naked tribes of Nigeria

A reclusive people, the Kambari people pride themselves as being as independent from the government as possible.

Supermodel, Gigi Hadid shares beautiful maternity photos

American supermodel, Gigi Hadid is expecting her first child with boyfriend, singer Zayn Malik.  The 25-year-old supermodel took to...

OlamondNaija’s Exclusive Interview With Winner, Mr Universe Nigeria 2019, Emmanuel Arogboritse

Gorgeous, courageous, smart and intensively skillful are the few description Official Olamondnaija can utilize in describing the reigning king of all Nigeria’s...

Guys, here are 3 questions you should never ask a woman during sex

Communication has been well established as the bedrock of successful marriages and relationships. Couples are rightly advised to...

Stingy boyfriend? Here are 3 ways to turn that around

Couples giving and accepting gifts and other tangible, valuable things is a well-established relationship dynamic which actually deserves all the spotlight and discussion imaginable. And here’s why: no relationship thrives without sharing – and this goes beyond the things you can see and touch.


Lagos based Indigenious comedian, MC Sheikoko shares his view towards the wrong beieve some Nigerian Youths Have About Sex. Here are the opinions:

Here are 5 male beauty influencers you should have on your radar

Once upon a time, wearing makeup was said to be only for women but as our society grows and evolves, we are...

Do you know about the first and only female Alaafin of Oyo, Orompoto?

Though history seems to forget, we're starting to realise there were more female leaders in the past than we thought.

Biography, Oladimeji Blessing Funmilayo Outgoing Brand Ambassador ‘FACE OF OLAMONDNAIJA’

Fast rising award winning model, Oladimeji Blessing Funmilayo was born on the 27th April 1997 into the family of Mr...

Consumption of ‘Ewedu’ can prevent cancer, coronary diseases — Nutritionist

The jute leaf is one of the common African leafy vegetables cultivated in gardens and farms for home use.

6 ways to shorten your period

As a woman, menstruation is just something you must accept, even though you would wish it could be shorter and lighter.